About Letsfit

Letsfit focuses on the field of sports and health, and always adheres to providing users with a more relaxed, more accessible and more effective way of healthy life management, With its dynamic, positive, healthy brand image, it has attracted a group of like-minded partners.

Our Product

An idea was born

In 2017, our founders William and Michael realized that there was a problem with the way people viewed sports and health, which at the time was considered too high-tech, too difficult or too expensive to be accessible to ordinary people. With this, they came up with an idea, hoping to create a series of products to help people establish good sports habits and to be able to live healthy lifestyle with easier to use products that were more people-friendly, at a price that was accessible and that gave users a better experience.

Media release

Letsfit actively participates in media events like CES, and Letsfit's products have been reported by many renowned media, including CNN, CNET, Tom's Guide, and USA Today. Improved brand awareness and established a good brand image.

Our service

We have a dedicated and experienced customer service team, here to listen to our customers and give great customer experience.