Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks
Letsfit T3 Sound Machine with 30 Soundtracks


Create an immersive calming environment with the T3 sound machine and its 30 soothing sounds, 6 multi-color adjustable nightlight, and 4 equalizer modes. Other features include adjustable volume, auto-off timer, and touch controls.


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30 Calming Sounds: Include white noises, fan noises, natural sounds, and lullaby music tracks. Designed to be high quality and immersive to help you sleep soundly.

Comforting Ambient Lights: Choose from 6 different ambient nightlight colors with adjust brightness levels to create the best sleeping environment.

Adjustable Volume & Timer: Volume levels can reach as low or as high as needed to effectively block out unwanted noises. The auto-off timer gives you the ability to automatically turn off the device after 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

4 EQ Settings: Customize your listening experience further by selecting between pop, rock, jazz, or classical EQ presets.

Touch Technology: With many intuitive illuminated touch controls that are simple to understand & metallic mesh that serves to both protect the speaker and activate/deactivate the nightlight.

Model No.: T3
Audio Output: 3W
Number of Sounds: 30
Type of Light: ring light/ambient light
Timer Mode: 15/30/60/90/120 minutes
Output Voltage: DC 5V/1A
Output Connector: 3.5mm audio connector
Working Temperature: –10°C to 50°C
Working Humidity : 20% to 90%; non-condensing
Dimension: 101 x 101 x51mm

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Letsfit T3 High Fidelity Sound Machine
Going to Sleep Should Be a Breeze

In fact, a calming breeze is one of the soundtrack options you can select to lull yourself to sleep. As well as, the calming sounds of a crackling campfire, ocean tides, electric fan sounds, rainfall, and more.

Light Up the Room

A warm colored nightlight helps create a calming environment but if you feel like experimenting with different colors and brightness levels, you can choose from magenta, green, red, yellow, blue, pink, or a color cycle option.

Headphone Adaptable

A 3.5 headphone jack is built-in for a more immersive listening experience without disturbing the others.

Equalizer Modes

Choose from 4 preset EQ modes, including pop, rock, jazz, or classic to further tailor your experience.

Memory Function

Once you’ve found the perfect sound, volume, nightlight color & brightness combination, it remembers your settings the next time.

Tiny and Compact Design

Available in several colors and patterns, the T3 is compact enough to discretely blend in with any home décor and small enough to travel with.

Create A Better Sleeping Routine

Help train your body to rest more easily by creating an optimal sleep environment before bedtime. This means better, more productive days.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Touch controls are simple to understand and backlit, making it easy to operate under any lighting conditions.